Pamper yourself with the delicacies from time-honored brand in Kyoto

Arashiyama Shoryuen brings prestigious Kyoto brands and a great choice of classic delicacies under one roof in Arashiyama, a place of scenic beauty extolled since ancient times in a great number of waka (31 syllable Japanese poems).
You can indulge yourself to your heart's content, savor local specialties of long tradition and discover something new.
This is a place especially for someone like you who knows Kyoto very well.

Handcraft classes

From time to time, we organize the hands-on programs in which you can try your hand at the traditional craftworks of Kyoto. The multi-purpose area is used for seasonal events including workshops and exhibitions.

Aroma WorkshopRanzankakyo

Freely mix and match aromatic ingredients into a personalized formula, and bundle your finished product in a pouch or bookmark to take home. (About 30 min.) From ¥1,296 tax included.
* Please note that this workshop is not held some days due to other events.

Personalized Cloth CreationsSANBI-DOU

Transform Japanese wrapping cloths into handbags and many other creative and stylish items. (About 10 min) Free Clasps can be purchased and adjusted to just the right tightness. (About 3 min. Free)

Original Accessory WorkshopNakajima Zogan

You can inlay pure gold or silver in a personal pendant or lanyard. A craftsman will complete and ship the finished accessory to you. (About 30 min.) From ¥3,000 shipping included

Bamboo Weaving ClassIshikawa Takenomise

Make a small 15 cm² bamboo basket to take home with you. (30–60 min. ¥3,240 tax included)

4 Kinds of ChopsticksHashi Kobo Oshita

Make 4 kinds of chopsticks by [1] carving wood designs, [2] sanding mother-of-pearl, [3] painting on unvarnished wood, and [4] whittling bamboo *. (20 – 60 min. From ¥1,080 tax included) * Ages 12 and up.

1F - Flavors of Kyoto floor

Here, you will find time-honored brands of superb traditional delicacies from Kyoto. This includes products with a long tradition, innovative products created with sophisticated expertise, and also limited products available only here. Lunch can be enjoyed at the food court facing the garden.

Kyo Tsukemono Nishiri[Kyoto pickles]A

Tasty Japanese pickles made with seasonal vegetables that are delicately prepared from traditional recipes. These innovative flavors are the product of long traditions. Health-conscious products are also available.


Fudo Shokuhin [Kyoto delicacies]A

Japanese cuisine has developed over because of the unique climate and environment. Fudo offers products made with meticulously selected ingredients.


Chirin [Tsukudani [Fish and other ingredients cooked in soy sauce and sugar]B

Since their establishment, Chirin’s most famous product is Chirimen Sansho dried sardine fry cooked with savory Japanese pepper). A variety of tastes and types are available from authentic Kyoto flavors to products for any age and preference.


Hanbey Fu [Kyoto Fu [wheat gluten bread] and Yuba [soybean curd skin]]C

Since their establishment in 1689, Hanbey has specialized in wheat gluten breads known as “Fu.” They use carefully selected source water, ingredients and time-honored techniques to produce silky Fu and Yuba.


Tanzan Shuzou[Local brand of sake]D

The Japanese sake brewery is located on the upper reaches of a major river in Arashiyama. With “Good sake is made from quality rice grown in rich soil” as its motto, Tanzan Shuzou is committed to producing sake of the highest quality using pure spring water and organic rice grown in fertile soil.


Tofujaya[Tofu products]E

Tofujaya’s most famous product, “Tofu Chikuwa (Japanese tube shape fish cake)” is made from Tofu and Kujo Negi (leek) and offered fresh from the oven. They also have a totally new and creative menu that includes Tofu Shiratama (dumplings made of sweet rice flour) and Tofu croquettes.


Kyoto Kitayama Malebranche [Confectionery]F

Malebranche’s highly skilled confectioners carefully select ingredients to create splendid confectionery of superb taste. Malebranche offers seasonal delicacies inspired by Japan’s four seasons and heartfelt hospitality as well.


Fukujuen Arashiyama Chaya [Uji cha]G

Fukujuen, established in 1790, opened this new store to provide you with elegantly flavored Uji cha and original confectioneries and products which were inspired by four seasons of Arashiyama.


Mamemasa [Bean snacks and Japanese confectionery]H

Mamemasa provides the best quality snacks and confectioneries made from carefully selected ingredients by their skilled confectioners. They have more than thirty types of snacks and confectioneries made from beans including their specialty “Ebisugawa Goshiki Mame (five assorted sugar coated beans).”


Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi [Japanese confectioneries]I

Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi is the creator of Yatsuhashi (Japanese style cinnamon flavored cookies) that date back more than 300 years. Adhering to original recipes since their establishment, Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi provides original specialties that attract contemporary customers.


Arashiyama Rasuku Honten Cafe [Rasuku [Melba toast]]J

Made from carefully selected ingredients to ensure a savory rich flavor, these top quality melba toasts are an Arashiyama specialty. Bakers keep a careful eye on each one while in the oven.


2F - Kyoto traditional craftwork floor

Indulge yourself in the traditional handicrafts of Kyoto created with dexterous skill. You can see and touch exquisitely delicate masterpieces that have survived the test of time with a spirit of “constancy and change.” Every time you visit here, you are able to encounter the updated Kyoto culture.

Shoyeido Ranzan Kakyo[Incense]K

Shoyeido was established in 1705. The exquisite traditional aromas are crafted by highly skilled artisans and widely used by temples, high-end Japanese restaurants, tea ceremony venues and also ordinary households to create a rich atmosphere inspired by the serenity of Kyoto.


Asahido [Kyoto Pottery]L

As a specialized dealer in Kiyomizuyaki pottery, Asahido, offers handcrafted and hand-drawn pottery, products made by up-and-coming artists, and also cutlery and fabric products, for decorating your dining room in a sophisticated style.


SANBI-DOU [Furoshiki and Japanese Traditional accessories]M

SANBI-DOU offers fashion accessories inspired by the settings and seasons of Kyoto and the elegance of Japan. Their wide product lineup includes originally designed gamaguchi purses, Japanese handkerchiefs, furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloths) and other selected products.


Nakajima Zougan [Zougan [Decorative inlays]]N

Zougan are gold or silver sheets that are cut into patterns, inlaid in steel plates and baked to a finish. Elegant and delicate decorations of the best quality are available here. Hands-on classes are offered as well.


Ishikawa Bamboo Shop [Bamboo products and Saga masks]O

Takenomise offers products and tools useful for contemporary lifestyles, made with the highest quality of Sagano bamboo and superb artisanal skills. Hands-on classes and demonstrations are also offered.


Hashi Kobo Oshita [Chopsticks]P

Oshita offers a great variety of chopsticks including bamboo, precious wood and lacquer models. Customers can enjoy searching for the pair that fits their hands best. Hands-on classes are always available at the workshop.


Food Court

The courtyard ay Arashiyama Shoryuen is surrounded by an eclectic choice of classic stores from Kyoto serving their signature products. The setting is perfect for nibbling on the genuine flavors of Kyoto amidst the refreshing atmosphere of Arashiyama.

Take-Out Foods

  • Rice in fish stock with Kyoto pickled vegetables ¥540 / Nishiri
  • Rice balls with boiled, dried baby sardines ¥184 each / Chirin

  • Wheat gluten cake wrapped in bamboo leaf ¥200 each / Hanbey Fu
  • Tofu and fish paste stick ¥300 / Tofujaya

  • “Chachabo” green tea éclair ¥350 each / Malebranche
  • Premium Matcha Ice Cream Cone ¥500 / Arashiyama Chaya
  • Skewered rice dumplings in sweet soy glaze ¥170 / Mamemasa

  • Crepe suzette ¥500 each / Honke Nishio Yatsuhashi

  • Coffee ¥300 / Arashiyama Rasuku Honten Cafe


Arashiyama Shoryuen

Saga, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
In front of Kyoto Tenryuji Temple main gate
Open: 10:00-17:00 (Year-round)